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Calling all fans: Departing from Tyranobuilder

Since the very beginning, Tyranobuilder was the chosen software to showcase the story of The Sea Hears Our Cries. There were a great many benefits to using Tyranobuilder, however after a series of software errors and uncertainty for the future of the program, the visual novel will be made with an alternative engine. What doesContinue reading “Calling all fans: Departing from Tyranobuilder”


Dreams for the future

The majority of this article was written in late October. Since mid November, I’ve begun to look at alternative engines for Sea Hears Project, such as Unreal Engine. I always look forward to having a voice call with a certain close friend who is making his own game. Throughout the years I’ve had the pleasureContinue reading “Dreams for the future”

My experience participating in Writers CONduit

Writers CONduit is a grassroots led streaming event for writers that takes place in late June. Writers and editors host panels on a diversity of topics where they share their expertise along with a live Q & A, and/or present their knowledge in a Powerpoint presentation or interactive workshop. Such topics include how to streamContinue reading “My experience participating in Writers CONduit”

My Inspiration for Tilde – Pressure in Education and the Nuclear Family

Tilde is a playable character in my visual novel code named Sea Hears Project. Patrons can currently play through her prologue, and will have access to chapter one during the beginning of September. Tilde’s story begins in a country called Edgard, which has strict laws on magic users called magi. All magi must leave theContinue reading “My Inspiration for Tilde – Pressure in Education and the Nuclear Family”

Why Phoenix Requiem is my favourite online comic, and why you should read it

Phoenix Requiem is a fairly old online comic which ended in 2010, created by the wonderful Sarah Ellerton. During this era of the Internet, it was a wonderful to read independent online comics, and Phoenix Requiem captured my imagination. It is a wonderful example of worldbuilding and the supernatural genre, blended with a strong fantasy-VictorianContinue reading “Why Phoenix Requiem is my favourite online comic, and why you should read it”

Version 0.0032

In this post I will reflect on the current progress of my visual novel, and will discuss future scenes. Today I gave my four Patrons the latest version of my visual novel – version 0.0032 in fact! In this version, players can choose one of six characters to play through. These six characters have atContinue reading “Version 0.0032”

Upcoming Events for Writers

Becoming involved in several writing communities in person and online improved my writing production, motivation and quality of writing. From the NaNoWriMo event in last November alone, I managed to complete a good number of new chapters for my visual novel that I later coded in and published to my Patrons. This upcoming week andContinue reading “Upcoming Events for Writers”

My Experience Participating in Game of Tomes & Tourney of Tomes

It wasn’t long after I first joined the Twitch community, that I discovered the platform was an excellent place for writers and worldbuilders to connect. As someone whose primary goal is to complete and publish a visual novel, following certain Twitch channels has helped me stay motivated, and also have given me an exciting opportunityContinue reading “My Experience Participating in Game of Tomes & Tourney of Tomes”

The Mid-Autumn Festival Competition Results

The Mid-Autumn Festival competition has ended and the results are in!  I would like to thank everyone who was able to tune in to the results livestream. It was a pleasure to interact with you and announce the winners via Twitch! I think you can agree that the contest winners were well deserved, and thatContinue reading “The Mid-Autumn Festival Competition Results”