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Sailing Ocelot Studios

Travel | Explore | Decide

Explore the Sea Hears Project

A science fantasy visual novel

Learn more about Sailing Ocelot Studios below!

A one person game development mission


Sailing Ocelot

Ahoy there, and thank you very much for taking a look at my website!

I am Sailing Ocelot, and my goal is to create a fully playable visual novel. I am responsible for Sailing Ocelot Studios, which is run by myself. I use funds from my Patreon and my personal savings to commission some of the art and music you’ll see in the game.

I love creative writing and storytelling. My passion is to examine the personal stories of people, to explore a person’s motivations and journey through life, and the effects of their personal choices and the environment around. We don’t have full control of our surroundings, so neither do my characters.

Heroes may dream about changing the world, but exactly how much can our actions effect ingrained values such as tradition?

In my day to day life I live in a town near the sea with my beloved family, which includes two lovely dogs. I have been a teacher for the past few years, and still teach privately. When I’m not working on Sea Hears Project I spend a lot of time engaging with the writing community on Twitch. I also love playing video games and enjoy walking through the countryside and beach.

I hope to release a public demo of my science fantasy visual novel, The Sea Hears Our Cries at an unannounced date during late June to early July 2023.

For more information about my Patreon, take a look here!

Travel | Explore | Decide

I use the words travel, explore, and decide to set the focus of my work produced under Sailing Ocelot Studios.


Travel is about incorporating diverse and complex settings in the game that are multi-layered. I try to avoid mono-culture worldbuilding in my projects. Travel also includes the ability to travel through these unique settings and engage with it.

I also enjoy the idea of travel representing character development in my games and their personal journeys.


Exploration should include the ability to explore the in-game settings, find and deduce extra lore details if desired through gameplay and explore the characters around you.

The aim of this focus is to give you the control to explore at your own pace. No exploration that feels forced. No cringe-worthy villain monologues. No forced fetch quests with minimal rewards. No grinding.

I hope the discoveries you make along the way are fascinating and add to your gameplay experience.


Your choices matter.

No really, they do.

And so do the choices of the characters around you.

The attempt in this focus is to give realistic expectations of your choices. Choices won’t give you a sudden game over screen, nor will they force your hand. Instead, they will trigger permanent switches that will change the journey of the game, and add variables to certain characteristics that will slowly add up to create an impact.

To decide also gives you freedom. Does the main plot enchant you, or do you prefer to take a more rebellious path? Are you interested in developing a powerful character, with the sacrifice of a few friendships along the way?

I hope the decision making can help make projects hold a stronger replay value, and allow you to view new perspectives.